COVID-19 - Maintenance update

17 April 2020

The ongoing conditions surrounding the COVID-19 crisis has seen some of our service providers adjust their daily operations. This includes several of our maintenance providers, who have either implemented a change in operating hours, reduced staff, or temporarily redirected activity to main stores.

We understand it may be difficult to adhere to servicing and tyre replacement schedules now, but we do encourage your organisation to continue your scheduled servicing and tyre replacement activities for all vehicles, where possible. This is important for those staff who still require access to vehicles during this extraordinary time.

The following national service providers continue to be operational with minimal impact to normal operations. This list is not exhaustive. For information regarding your preferred service providers, we suggest contacting them directly to understand their operational status.

Operational Service Providers
Service provider Services                             Contact
Bob Jane T-Marts Tyres Visit website
Mycar (formally Kmart Tyre and Auto) Tyres and Servicing Visit website
Bridgestone Tyres and Servicing Visit website
Tyre Power Tyres Visit website
UltraTune Servicing Visit website
JAX Tyres Tyres and Servicing Visit website
Impacted Service Providers
Service Provider Services More Information Contact
Beaurepaires Tyres Some service centres temporarily closed, please check your location Visit website
The business environment is continuing to evolve, and this list is subject to change due to the impact of COVID-19 and related Government regulation. We encourage you to visit the provider’s website, or phone directly to understand if they are still operating at any given point in time.

The health and safety of your people, as well as the Smartfleet team is paramount, and it is of the utmost importance to us to ensure that health and safety standards are upheld during this time. Smartfleet is here to ensure the continued operation of your fleet. If you require any additional support, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager.