Reducing the risk of Coronavirus in your shared vehicles

01 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving many people asking about effective ways to sanitise the surfaces around them. And while there's plenty of information on general hygiene, there's less specific information on what you should do about a shared vehicle.

As a valued pool vehicle booking client, Smartfleet suggests the following steps to ensure the appropriate cleaning of pool vehicles is administered to keep your staff safe:

1. Wash your hands before and after entering the vehicle; this reduces the germs you bring into a vehicle, or spread around inside, and limits the risk of transmitting the virus to other staff members.

2. Have the right tools; experts recommend using disposable gloves while cleaning or dedicating reusable gloves for COVID-19 disinfection purposes only.

3. What a driver needs to do; wipe down all common vehicle touchpoints, such as door handles, steering wheel, dashboard, touchscreen, transmission, window controls and buttons before each journey.

4. What an employer needs to provide; keep disposable gloves and disinfectant wipes (>60% alcohol) that stay in the vehicle along with Smartfleet’s cleaning tips information sheet.