• Going green with Electric Vehicles (EVs)

    We’re excited to help you transition your fleet into EVs and achieve desired outcomes across cost, safety, and sustainability.

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    Outsource your fleet management

    We'll review your fleet requirements and provide a customised management solution to maximise your fleet productivity and minimise costs.

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    Discover our in-house software solution

    We have our own in-house fleet management software and can customise services to suit your unique needs.

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    Get smart about vehicle procurement

    Benefit from our competitive tender environment where we get you better vehicle pricing, with total transparency and control.

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    Choose the right finance model

    We'll help you choose an operating lease model that can help simplify your cash flow, reduce asset risk and unlock capital.

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    News and announcements

    From EV and Federal Budget updates to new service announcements, discover the latest news from Smartfleet.

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