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Customise Reporting

Up-to-the-minute reports whenever you need it, wherever you are

We’ve developed our own fleet management software, which means we can customise it to suit your unique management and reporting requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all model; we evolve with you as your business grows. 

Detailed reports and insights on your fleet's performance are available whenever you need it. You can choose to consolidate your data into a visual dashboard or generate real-time utilisation reports, among many other tools.

We also provide exception reporting, as well as environmental rating reports which measures the environmental performance of each of your vehicles.

Real time strategic reporting

Need up-to-the minute reports and analysis to share with your business? Download reports in real time and in any format you need.

Comprehensive, yet simple

Our easy-to-use performance dashboards consolidate information into a visual, high-level view.

Safe and secure

Your data is automatically backed up every 15 minutes, with a full system back up taking place every 24 hours for extra peace of mind.

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    Environmental Rating Reports

    Smartfleet provides vehicle environmental performance ratings reports, which will measure the environmental performance of each vehicle in the fleet.

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    Exception Reporting

    Our exception reports will help flag high cost vehicles within your fleet, and encourage best practice from employees.

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    Vehicle Utilisation Reports

    Our utilisation reports, which can be generated in real-time, will help you make informed decisions about optimum fleet usage and size – minimising your overall costs.

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    Performance Dashboards

    Data across various aspects of your fleet can be consolidated into a visual, high level dashboard for your desktop. You can review key reports and other important markers about your fleet at any time.

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    FBT Reporting

    Minimise your FBT exposure with our comprehensive reporting. Our comparisons between Operating Cost Method and Statutory Formula Method ensures the best approach is used for each vehicle.

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