FBT Management

Maximise your FBT savings

Ensure you’re paying the lowest possible amount for each vehicle. The Smartfleet FBT Management service is available as part of the Smartfleet outsourced service or via the in-house software solution.

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Comprehensive reporting

Your odometer readings and fleet expenditure will be tracked and used to compare the Operating Cost Method and Statutory Formula Method for each vehicle subject to FBT, keeping your costs to a minimum.

Real-time tracking provides warnings for vehicles likely to jump up or fall back a tax bracket. Minimise your FBT exposure with our comprehensive reporting; our comparisons between Operating Cost Method and Statutory Formula Method ensures the best approach is used for each vehicle.

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Real time tracking

You’ll receive a regular FBT tracking report, detailing the number of kilometres currently being travelled, and the recommended number of extra kilometres that should be travelled until the end of the FBT year to reduce any FBT payable.

When purchasing any new vehicles for your fleet, we’ll project potential FBT costs (based on the Statutory Formula Method) for your consideration.