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Pool Vehicle Booking

Shrink your fleet size and reduce costs with Pool Vehicle Booking by Smartfleet.

Moving to a shared car model is easy and stress-free with Smartfleet. Our Pool Vehicle Booking system is a powerful online module that allows you to maximise your fleet’s potential.

Maximise vehicle usage

Optimise your fleet based on actual vehicle usage. Smart vehicle allocation maximises usage and availability, reducing trip duplication and identifying excess vehicles.

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Streamline the driver experience

Bookings, authorisations and returns of vehicles are processed with ease. Our intuitive online booking system streamlines vehicle usage for both the driver and the fleet manager.

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Cover off compliance

Easily configure trip authorisation rules according to your requirements. Controls include licence validation and cost centre and vehicle policy acknowledgement.

Want to know more?

Keep reading about Pool Vehicle Booking and how Smartfleet can help shrink your fleet.

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Moving to a shared car model has never been easier:

  • Identify cost-saving opportunities with comprehensive usage reporting and manage compliance and reporting in real-time, and minimise manual administration
  • Book your fleet from one mobile-friendly portal and simplify the car sharing process for both drivers and fleet managers
  • Set rules for the order cars are allocated for lease compliance or re-sale value considerations
  • Choose an optional fully-integrated electronic key storage solution, allowing drivers to access car keys 24/7, saving money on administrative resources.
  • Enjoy the benefits as a standalone system or as part of your broader Smartfleet management service.

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