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Registration and Infringement Management

Helping you stay on track

We’ll record, track and manage your entire vehicle registration renewal process for you, giving you the opportunity to either authorise Smartfleet to renew all vehicles or approve or reject registration renewal at vehicle level online. In addition, we will receive and email any infringements to a nominated client contact and create a record of these on the Smartfleet system.

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Leave it to us

Starting 90 days prior to registration renewal, we will alert you on what registrations will expire. You’ll have total transparency when registering vehicles and, through our online registration renewal authorisations, you will have the ability to approve or reject renewal of your vehicles.

Vehicle inspections will be notified to you to arrange with the driver. Our practices and transparency and dashboards help ensure all active vehicles are registered.

Pay the registration online

In states where an e-inspection is completed, we are able to pay the registration online

Procure CTPs

We also procure CTPs from preferred suppliers at reduced fleet rates.

Batch processing

If a fleet has a common expiry date, our experienced staff will work with you to ensure all vehicles are authorised, inspected, accounted for and processed via batch processing.

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Seamless management

Smartfleet has a fully automated infringement management system that records all details of your infringements and helps you to identify the person driving at the time of the infringement.

The Smartfleet Registration and Infringement Management service is available as part of the Smartfleet outsourced service or you can use the recording functionality via the in-house software solution.

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