Smartfleet’s Carbon Offset Program

Reduce the environmental impact of your fleet vehicles

Did you know that Australians have an average annual carbon footprint around three times greater than the global average*, with our petrol and diesel cars creating a significant portion of these emissions?

The urgency of the climate crisis now requires action from all Australians. As fleet managers, there's ways you can incorporate sustainable fleet management measures that can have a real impact. This will also help your organisation to contribute to your environmental goals, in addition to taking the lead on climate action.

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One of the easiest ways to make a meaningful difference is to join our Carbon Offset Program, now available for our fleet clients. Since launching the program in 2008, our environmental partners Greenfleet and Carbon Positive have been able to plant millions of trees helping to offset the carbon emissions of novated leased vehicles. Our partnership with The Nature Conservancy also supports critical wetlands restoration in South Australia.

Simply get in touch with us today and we'll add it to your invoice. Your contribution will help create a more resilient and healthy planet through projects that restore native forests, and create animal and wildlife habitats.

First partnering with Greenfleet, a leading carbon offset organisation (and the first of its kind in Australia), we have since expanded our program in 2020 to include partners; The Nature Conservancy and Carbon Positive Australia. Working with these partners, we invest in important restoration projects throughout Australia.

A snapshot into our Carbon Offset Program to date
  • Total donations of over $13 million allocated to the program
  • More than 63 different environmental projects supported across Australia
  • Over two million trees planted
  • Contributing to over 800,000 tonnes of carbon removed from our atmosphere

Meet our partners


A long-term partner of ours since 2008, Greenfleet restores biodiverse native forests and animal habitats through ecosystem restoration. Through our partnership, our Carbon Offset Program has donated over $12 million to Greenfleet, contributing to over 800,0000 tonnes of carbon being sequestered over the life of the forests. Through these donations, we’re able to support a number of site projects, including Anam Talamh on Bundjalung Country, restoring a critically endangered lowland forest.

Carbon Positive Australia

A carbon offset partner since 2020, Carbon Positive Australia restores cleared and degraded land by planting native trees and shrubs that are local to the area. Currently, 100% of donations go towards restoring 1350 hectares of cleared bushland at Eurardy Reserve in Western Australia back to its former natural glory. Eurardy Reserve is situated in one of only 35 global biodiversity hotspots, defined by the rare and declining fauna and flora found in this area. Restoring this site helps make this area more resilient to climate change by supporting the local ecology and sequestering CO2-e.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has partnered with the SA Government and Smartgroup to deliver a project to restore an area in the Adelaide coastal wetlands. It’s the first blue carbon demonstration project in Australia and is the catalyst to establishing other blue carbon projects nationally. Blue carbon is estimated to sequester carbon at a rate faster than forests. This project will restore natural tidal flows into stranded coastal wetlands creating new areas for mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems.

Common questions and answers

We reduce your carbon footprint by engaging our environmental partners to plant trees on your behalf. All you have to do is sign up to offset fleet emission and we’ll take care of the rest, with the carbon offset amount deducted from each of your usual Smartfleet invoices.

A Smarter, More Sustainable Tomorrow

As part of Smartgroup, we recently launched our sustainability strategy A Smarter, More Sustainable Tomorrow outlining ongoing improvement of our business to promote smarter decisions, participating in the transition to a low-carbon future, and generating even more positive impact in our communities. This includes helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. Our environmental partner Carbon Positive has a free step-by-step carbon footprint calculator that helps you understand your impact on the environment and facts, tips, and practical steps you can take to contribute to offsetting your individual carbon emissions.

Interested in joining the Smartfleet Carbon Offset Program?

*Source: Where in the world do people emit the most CO2? - Our World in Data