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Flexible Fleet Finance Options

We can tailor fleet finance to suit your organisation

Smartfleet offers more fleet finance options, which not only gives you more flexibility than ever before, but it means all your fleet finance can be managed by one provider: Smartfleet. 

Below is an overview of fleet finance options with Smartfleet.

Operating lease
How it works

  • No deposit required
  • 1-5 year lease term
  • Tax-deductible payments
  • Simply swap the vehicle for a new one at the end of the lease
Ideal if your organisation

  • Runs a large fleet
  • Can accurately estimate mileage
  • Can take reasonable care of vehicles
  • Wants a simple vehicle return at the end of a lease
Finance lease
How it works

  • No deposit required
  • 1-5 year lease term
  • No penalties for excess KMs or vehicle condition
  • At the end of the lease, choose to keep the vehicle by refinancing the lease or paying out the residual value, or upgrading to a new vehicle altogether
Ideal if your organisation

  • Prefers more control over the turnover of fleet vehicles
  • Is likely to keep vehicles for longer than the lease term
Commercial loan
How it works

  • Lender loans funds to purchase the vehicle, which secures the loan
  • Flexible length of term
  • Pay finance and running costs in a regular fixed payment
  • Interest and depreciation costs are tax deductible
Ideal if your organisation

  • Is GST registered and operating on a cash accounting basis
  • Expect to keep vehicles for a shorter period to minimise depreciation
AFIA Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Fair wear and tear summarises the degree of deterioration judged to be
reasonable at the end of a contract period.


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Let us help you streamline your finances:

  • Choose the lease term that suits your requirements, from one to five years
  • Receive single monthly invoices to simplify your finance
  • Choose to bundle fixed maintenance costs into your monthly invoice, or establish variable maintenance charging
  • Reduce asset risk normally associated with fleet ownership
  • At the end of the lease, replace the vehicle or extend the term, depending on your business needs.

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