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Procurement and Disposal Management

Procurement and Disposal Management

Our Australia-wide dealer network offers competitive, online, individual and group vehicle tendering. You’ll be able to make informed financial decisions about each vehicle in your fleet through our recommendations for optimal vehicle changeover scheduling.

Acquisition and disposal of all vehicles can be handled simultaneously through our online system. A competitive tendering environment ensures dealers submit their best offer, giving you real savings across vehicle procurement and disposal. 

You can determine which dealers and suppliers have access to tenders, and those nominated will receive an email alert. All bids and selection of the winning tender can be managed online.

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Smartfleet services

We take care of all administration, leaving you in control of vehicle and supplier selection. Simply let us know when you’d like to purchase or dispose of a vehicle, and we’ll take care of the rest. We are experienced in determining vehicle suitability in accordance with your requirements, and will make sure the correct equipment is specified, to ensure a safe operating environment for your drivers.

We will accurately project future kilometres and vehicle change-over dates, and we employ a unique ‘Whole of Life’ cost model for each vehicle, to reduce overall fleet-related costs.

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Whole of Life Cost

You’ll have a comprehensive view of dollars-per-month and cents-per-kilometre.  We will provide these projections, as well as comparisons, to fully inform decisions about your fleet and its cost effectiveness. These costs will take into account:

Fuel usage, servicing and maintenance

Cost of capital and estimated resale value at end of vehicle ownership

Vehicle price including basic options, stamp duty, registration and ongoing registration costs