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Optimise Your Fleet

Flexible services to fit your business

We take an innovative and flexible approach to your fleet management needs, tailoring our products and services to help you reduce your fleet costs, achieve efficiencies and ensure driver safety. See below some of the ways we can help you.

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    Vehicle Procurement

    Our online acquisition system creates a competitive tender environment to get the best.

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    Pool Vehicle Booking

    Reduce costs and fleet size with Pool Vehicle Booking by Smartfleet.

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    Vehicle Finance

    Take the pressure off your cash flow with a range of finance options, while reducing risk.

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    Car Sharing

    Alternative to traditional car rental. DriveMyCar helps you meet demand while saving.

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    9 Month Buy-back Vehicle

    Reduce the cost of your not-for-profit's fleet with this shorter, easier to manage vehicle option.

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    Telematics by Smartfleet

    Optimise your fleet and ensure driver safety with real-time data and analytics made simple.

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