Vehicle Procurement

Take advantage of our experience

We give you full access to our buying power, to secure you a better price when acquiring your vehicles. We procure thousands of vehicles each year across our Australia-wide dealer network.What’s more, being part of Smartgroup procurement, you enjoy the benefits of an organisation that is associated with the purchase of over 10,000 vehicles each year and has deep dealer relationships, further ensuring you get a better price for your fleet vehicles. Smartgroup procurement saved customers over $15 million in 2020 alone.

lots of cars parked in a parking lot

Total transparency and control

Our online acquisition system creates a competitive tender environment to get you better vehicle pricing. The easy-to-use software allows you to set up a tender any time to buy or dispose of a vehicle. Alternatively, we can take care of procurement and disposal for you, while giving you ultimate control over vehicle and supplier selection.

Personal Car Buying Service

Our Personal Car Buying Service is a hassle-free way for every day car buyers to shop for, and buy, a car that will save them time and money.

Competitive pricing

We ask dealers in our 850-strong national network to submit their best price. At least three no-obligation quotes with a full breakdown and estimated delivery.

We do the legwork

Let us organise pressure-free test drives, evaluation of your trade-in, and the paperwork when it comes to ordering your vehicle of choice. We can even help organise car finance.

Expert advice

Our procurement team are experts in car buying. When it comes to car selection, we can provide specialist advice on the car you want, or suggest alternate makes and models to suit your needs.

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