Fleet maintenance services from Smartfleet

Fleet maintenance is an essential part of fleet management - but can also be one area where expenditures can quickly add up.

If you are a fleet manager looking for ways to make your fleet maintenance more cost effective, an outsourced solution from Smartfleet could help.

Fleet services solutions from Smartfleet not only remind you when repairs and maintenance work need to be carried out on your vehicles, but can also connect you with providers offering discounted rates.

And with a streamlined invoicing system, keeping track of your fleet maintenance costs and payments has never been easier.

Fleet maintenance support for your organisation

Regardless of the size of your organisation, every savvy fleet manager knows that it is essential to keep an eye on costs.

Fleet maintenance software from Smartfleet can help you do just that. Our maintenance team is committed to getting you the most cost-effective outcome, which we achieve by monitoring and managing the work performed on each and every one of your vehicles.

Our proactive solution takes into account each car's service history - ensuring work is not duplicated or carried out unnecessarily - and can also flag any potential safety issues before they become larger problems.

We can then make recommendations in line with how individual vehicles are used within your organisation, as well as the warranty requirements and guidelines recommended by the manufacturer.

Smartfleet's fleet maintenance services can also take into account which suppliers you prefer, as well as any specific maintenance or repair schedules you may already have in place.

Smartfleet helps you reduce fleet maintenance costs

As any experienced fleet manager will know, the costs associated with maintaining vehicles in your organisation's fleet can sometimes feel as though they are spiralling out of control.

Smartfleet's unique and customisable fleet maintenance solution allows you to take back control of your costs in a number of different ways.

In addition to keeping tabs on your vehicles' service histories, Smartfleet's outsourced service can help you access lower fees for tyre replacement, labour and other parts. Our service network can help you save up to 30 per cent on these costs - and we can help to build a network of your preferred suppliers over time.

And rather than juggle multiple invoices for several different types of work, Smartfleet can instead provide you with one consolidated invoice that can be paid monthly - giving you a better overall idea of your expenditure.

The Smartfleet difference

Smartfleet is Australia's leading fleet management solutions provider, and we are committed to helping you maintain and look after your organisation's vehicles in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our outsourced solutions can help fleet managers ensure their time is spent in the most effective way possible - we take all the hassle out of the planning, organisation and invoicing associated with fleet maintenance so that you don't need to worry about manually keeping track of service schedules.

We have more than ten years of fleet management experience, and our customisable, scalable solutions support more than 160 clients across the country - from not-for-profit and health-related organisations to private corporations and government groups.

At Smartfleet, we're particularly proud of our innovative approach, which has been developed to meet the high standards our clients have come to expect from us. Elements of our fleet maintenance systems can even be customised to suit any unique processes or procedures you may have in place at your organisation - helping you to manage and maintain your vehicles in a way that works for you.