Three reasons to consider outsourcing fleet management

In this complex and volatile economic climate, it's understandable that many organisations are looking to cut costs and reduce expenses wherever possible.

And while this is a good idea on the whole, it is also important to remember that often a measured and considered investment in outsourcing certain tasks can be even more cost-effective than keeping things in-house

One such example would be in fleet management, where the day to day duties of running a fleet of company vehicles can be outsourced to a reliable and proven fleet services provider.

Here are three reasons why you should consider outsourcing the management of your organisation's vehicle fleet.

Outsourcing can improve productivity

Managing a fleet can be time consuming and stressful, with many important aspects to take into consideration and a wide range of variables to think about.

Many a fleet manager has found themselves bogged down and hindered by the process of scheduling and tracking company vehicles, when they often have a skill base that could be put to more effective use elsewhere.

Outsourcing the role of fleet management to a team of experienced professionals frees up your own staff to perform duties which they are better suited to and which can deliver more significant benefits to the company.

Outsourcing can deliver efficiency improvements

Because expert fleet service providers have more experience in the field of fleet management, they are more adept at identifying where shortfalls in efficiency may be taking place.

Furthermore, because they have access to comprehensive reporting tools and equipment specifically designed for tracking and monitoring fleet vehicles, they are better equipped at identifying individual faults.

By understanding which vehicles in your fleet are running inefficiently, where vehicles are being under and over utilised, and where individual drivers are performing below standard, professional fleet services can determine exactly how improvements can be made in your fleet.

Outsourcing can result in reductions in expenses

When you outsource your fleet management tasks to expert fleet service providers, you can often receive significant reductions in expenses above and beyond those delivered by efficiency and productivity improvements.

For example, many fleet management service providers are able to offer discounts on parts and labour during fleet maintenance.

Fleet services can often also deliver roadside assistance and accident management services at a reduced cost, whilst also securing discounts on vehicle procurement.

Thus it is easy to see how making the decision to outsource your fleet management duties now can deliver significant advantages to your organisation in the long run.