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18 August 2023

Get more out of your fleet with Pool Vehicle Booking 

If you’re looking to improve the utilisation of your fleet, one option is a shared car model on a Pool Vehicle Booking system. Your employees can share access to vehicles in the fleet, booking in when they need to use them and then returning them when they’re done. 

At Smartfleet, we can offer you our very own online Pool Vehicle Booking module as part of your broader fleet management solution. Here are some positives on the transition to a shared car approach. 

A slick experience for drivers and fleet managers 

With Smartfleet’s Pool Vehicle Booking system, we’ve created an intuitive, user-friendly online portal that’s simple to use on both desktop and mobile. You can easily manage all important bookings and authorisations, along with all vehicle returns. The portal includes vehicle and employee calendars, giving your organisation clear visibility of all bookings, along with an end-to-end audit trail. 

With more automation and less manual administration, you’ll enjoy 24/7 convenience. Your organisation can make bookings at any time, so you won’t need to worry about staying on a 9-5 setup. And you can supercharge this by adding in a key storage facility, so approved drivers can collect vehicles at any time using keypad code or using your security access pass where compatible 

Optimise your fleet to improve usage (and lower costs) 

Our Pool Vehicle Booking offers you a centralised system to oversee and manage your fleet. With it, you’ll be able to optimise based on what vehicles you’re actually using – and how much you’re using them. 

We’ll help you employ smart vehicle allocation to improve the availability of your vehicles, and reduce problems like trip duplication. You’ll find out if you have any excess vehicles that you could do without altogether. And when you do, you’ll find it easier to reduce your fleet size without sacrificing any productivity. 

You’ll get access to detailed utilisation reports, including accurate monthly kilometre readings. That way, your pool car managers will have more confidence adjusting your fleet mix. Achieving a more level workload across your different vehicles. 

Plus, users can set out rules for how cars are allocated, giving some vehicles priority over others (like more fuel-efficient cars, or ones that haven’t driven many kilometres yet). This can help you manage issues like lease compliance or the re-sale value of certain vehicles – potentially saving you more money in the long-term. 

Manage your compliance 

You can also set up trip authorisation rules based on the needs of your organisation. Including having controls around things like licence validation, cost centre and vehicle policy acknowledgement. 

We’ll also maintain records for you based on what matters to you most, including items like drivers’ licence information and vehicle details (such as make, model and body type). 

Get better environmental outcomes 

Fleets that are too big don’t just have an outsized impact on your bottom line. They also have a large footprint, putting a great deal of stress on the environment. 

Reducing the size of your fleet and better utilising your remaining vehicles should give you some big wins, as your fleet drives fewer miles and uses less fuel. Making a real and positive difference to the environment through lowered emissions. 

One state government department has already used Smartfleet’s Pool Vehicle Booking to reduce the size and environmental impact of its fleet. In their first two years using our service, they managed to make the fleet 18.6% smaller, and reduced their fuel usage by 16.01%. Their vehicles travelled 10.41% less over that time, and they dropped their combined CO2 emissions by 15.42%. 

Reach out today 

Those are just a few of the reasons why a shared car model could work for you. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about using our Pool Vehicle Booking at your organisation, then click here to find out more or get in touch with your Smartfleet Client Relationship Manager. We’d love to help you out. 

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