The importance of a wheel alignment

21 August 2023

The importance of a wheel alignment 

Many parts of Australia see an increase in potholes on our roads during the cold weather conditions in winter. If vehicles are unfortunate enough to hit one, drivers will often feel the car pulling either to the left or the right. If this happens, then it's time for a wheel alignment.  

A wheel alignment from one of our partners can be completed in as little as an hour. And this quick service can have an incredibly positive impact on your fleet’s handling, safety and performance, and perhaps most importantly, on your fuel costs. 

Key benefits of a wheel alignment include: 
  • A safer drive with more predictable vehicle control  
  • Save on fuel! Aligned wheels are more fuel efficient 
  • Helps keep your tyres in shape by reducing wear and tear so you can extend your wheel life 


So, what exactly is a wheel alignment? 

A wheel alignment is a service that will adjust your tyres to be exactly how they should be, as per your car manufacturer’s specifications. In an alignment, the steering and suspension angles of your vehicle may be modified to ensure a smoother ride.  

There are two different types of wheel alignment: 

  1. A 2-wheel alignment which ensures your wheels are aligned to the vehicle’s thrust line.   
  1. A 4-wheel alignment which measures and adjusts the vehicle’s rear toe. 

To add Service and Maintenance Management to your services, please contact your Client Relationship Manager, or click here to find your nearest Smartfleet-approved repairer for a wheel alignment (search under ‘Tyres’). 

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